Inakustik Reference LS-1205 Air Spade Speaker Cable 3M

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Inakustik Reference LS-1205 Air Spade Speaker Cable 3M

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  • “Point-to-Point Air Helix” for pure sound
  • Air as the ultimate dielectric minimizes capacitance
  • Cross Link Super Speed ​​waveguide for a balanced sound

Because the largest current of the entire device chain flows in the loudspeaker cable, a reasonable conductor cross-section is required in order to transport the current with as little loss as possible. This current generates correspondingly strong magnetic fields and, since it is alternating current, there is a frequency-dependent resistance in the inductance of the cable.

Speaker cables should therefore above all have a low inductance – this is exactly what is consistently implemented in the LS-1205 Air: A particularly sophisticated arrangement of the conductors, the 4-fold “multi-core” structure, reduces the inductance value of the cable so that it is over behaves completely sound-neutrally over a wide frequency range. In addition, the magnetic fields created around the individual conductors overlap and neutralize each other. All frequencies are transported unhindered and without any time delay, which enables an incredibly open and detailed musical representation. The four conductors of the LS-1205 Air are divided into so-called aluminum splitters at the end of the Air Helix for the plug connection.

In the area between the splitter and plug, in-akustik uses highly flexible molded parts made of a special elastomer. These are fixed in the splitter with a specially developed plastic plug. This means that the cable remains reliably flexible even in the connection area. The molded parts extend to the front part of the connector and enclose their inner workings – which underlines the simple and attractive design of the LS-1205 Air.

The air helix structure guides the conductors freely floating through the cable

The air helix structure allows for almost 100 percent air content between the signal conductors. Specially developed clips form the supporting framework. Lined up inside the cable, a large number of clips lead the signal conductors freely in the air in a helical shape through the cable. The flexibility of this construction is achieved via two bars that hold the clips together and precisely at a distance. This architecture is unique. The result is low line capacitances and low dielectric losses – an audiophile milestone for open and genuine sound experiences.

Our physical approach: Minimize losses for faithful reproduction

The reference AIR cables transport the audio signals unadulterated and with little loss between source, amplifier and loudspeaker. You experience music as the artists expressed it emotionally at the moment of recording. Sensual, fine, funny, orchestral to thrilling, rocky. Vocals and instruments are conveyed authentically. Everything seems alive. Emotions jump out suddenly. The pieces of music touch and awaken feelings, even after listening to them for the hundredth time.



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