Inakustik Reference LS-4004 Air Spade/BFA Speaker Cable – 3 Meter

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Inakustik Reference LS-4004 Air Spade/BFA Speaker Cable – 3 Meter

RM 37,125.00

  • Air-helix structure
  • Air dielectric ensures extremely low capacitance
  • Cross Link Super Speed waveguide technology
  • Double Layer Multicore
  • Directly crimped connectors (1.5 T pressure)
  • Tellurium-copper connectors


  • 气螺旋结构
  • 空气电介质可确保极低的电容
  • 交叉链接超高速波导技术
  • 双层多核
  • 直接压接的连接器(1.5 T压力)
  • 碲铜连接器
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Inakustik Reference LS-4004 Air Spade/BFA Speaker Cable

With the Referenz LS-4004 speaker cable, we continue the incredible story of their Air Helix technology: To achieve perfect air insulation, the new cable uses no less than 16 Cross Link Super Speed waveguides (rather than eight as with the Referenz Air Helix LS 2404). Obviously, the individual conductors themselves play a key role, too. With the LS-4004, too, these are made of 24 high-purity copper wires, each with a razor-thin lacquer coating for extra insulation and braided around a PE core. This design considerably increases stability inside the waveguide by effectively preventing the formation of eddy currents. (These are caused by the very high currents transmitted on the speaker cables – actually the highest ones within the entire audio path.)

借助Referenz LS-4004扬声器电缆,我们继续讲述其Air Helix技术的令人难以置信的故事:为实现完美的空气绝缘,新电缆使用了不少于16个Cross Link超高速波导(而不是Referenz Air Helix LS的8个) 2404)。 显然,各个导体本身也起着关键作用。 LS-4004也是由24条高纯度铜线制成,每条都涂有一层剃须刀稀薄的漆层,以提供额外的绝缘,并编织在PE芯周围。 通过有效防止涡电流的形成,这种设计大大提高了波导内部的稳定性。 (这是由于扬声器电缆上传输的电流过高引起的,实际上是整个音频路径中的最高电流。)

Freatures :

  • Rhodium-coated contacts
  • The PE network jacket against micro-vibrations
  • Angle of plugs adjustable
  • 16 fold Cross Link Super Speed waveguides
  • 16 x 1,2mm² copper wires; insulated with lacquer
  • Wires upon PE core


  • 镀铑触点
  • 防微振动的PE网络护套
  • 插头角度可调
  • 16倍交叉链接超高速波导
  • 16 x1,2mm²铜线; 绝缘漆
  • 连接到PE芯上


In addition, a new clip capable of carrying the increased load of the updated design had to be constructed. This clip not only must bear the surplus weight of the conductors but also needs to ensure flexibility throughout the cable structure. Just like its smaller predecessor, the new clip suspends the helical conductor arrangement freely in the air while keeping the individual conductors at an exact distance throughout the cable. The clips are meticulously assembled by hand at the on-site factory and then threaded into the Cross Link Super Speed waveguide. Finally, the resulting Air Helix receives a highly protective PE network jacket.


另外,必须构造能够承受增加的更新设计负荷的新夹子。 该线夹不仅必须承受导体的多余重量,而且还需要确保整个电缆结构的柔韧性。 就像其较小的前身一样,新线夹可将螺旋形导体装置自由悬吊在空中,同时使各个导体在整个电缆中保持精确的距离。 这些夹子是在现场工厂手工精心组装的,然后拧入Cross Link超高速波导中。 最后,所得的Air Helix将获得高度防护的PE网络护套。



Basically, adding conductor material leads to an increase of the controlled currency throughput. The result is a highly dynamic, incredibly open sound with unprecedented detail.


基本上,添加导体材料会导致受控货币吞吐量的增加。 结果是具有前所未有的细节的高度动态,令人难以置信的声音。


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