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Monster Digital Word Clock Cable 6.56ft / 2m

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Monster Cables – Hear What You’ve Been Missing!

Monster Cable’s legendary microphone and musical instrument cables, found in many of the world’s top recording studios, are used religiously by engineers, producers and musicians alike. In fact, Monster’s cables are acknowledged as the reference standard for some of today’s hottest artists. These professionals recognize that the quality and sound of their cables play a crucial role in delivering the very best possible sound reduction. And in the highly competitive world of music, Monster gives the artist and recording engineer that extra edge to turn an ordinary performance into something extraordinary.

In the exacting world of digital studio gear, word clock timing data is what maintains sample rate accuracy between connected components. If that data isn’t precise;precisely transmitted your sessions will be plagued by clicks, pops and annoying dropouts. The Monster Word Clock cable uses high-purity, ultra-conductive silver plating around a copper center core so that even the fastest, most delicate word clock data is communicated. An ultra high-tolerance Teflon dielectric provides true 75-Ohm performance to help minimize jitter and other signal anomalies. Monster 24k gold contact BNC connectors deliver increased conductivity for correct signal transmission.

Monster Cable BNC Cable Features:

  • 2 Meter Male to Male
  • Copper foil shield and silver-plated copper braid reject RFI and EMI.
  • High-tolerance Teflon dielectric maintains 75-ohm impedance for maximum performance.
  • 24k gold contact, 75-ohm BNC connector provides maximum surface area and a tight fit for the best possible signal transfer.
  • High-purity, silver-plated conductor enables precise transmission of critical timing data.


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