We have several options of Myryad(Z310/Z350) for digital music lovers.1) Bluetooth 5.0Z310 or Z350 connect the iPhone, Android cell phone by wireless BT 5.0.Recommdate Apple Music, SONY Hi-res.2) CableZ310 or Z350 connect the iPhone, Android cell phone by OTG cable.The USB driver for Laptop supported Windows® and Mac OS®.3)USB DAC (Version: ESS ES9219C)Supported the lossless music format including WAV, Flac, DSF, PCM, AAC,etc.Decoding is up to 768kHz/32bit & DSD512.Supported in 1T size, both SSD harddisk, and USB disc, play the local music in Z310 or Z350.Supporting the QTY of songs is 15K, amounting to 2K CD discs.4) Supported CD, CD-R, CD-RW.(Z310 only)5) Setup the EQ, and support High Gain.6) Eddict Player APPControl the folder music by cell phone, supported to 1T storage(15K songs, around 2K pcs of CD)When the music files are stored on SSD or USB disc, and connect to Z310 or Z350 already.


General Description

FinishFine Textured Aluminium Silver

Touch Screen Display

Output:8ohms/130w 4ohms/200w THD(80% rated power, 8ohms 20Hz-20kHz) 0.01%

Audio Format : WAV,FLAC,DSF,PCM,AAC,etc (up to 1TB Supported)

Bluetooth Version : V5.0 (LDAC,AAC,SBC)

Digital Input USB,USB DAC,Coaxial,Opical

Analog Input : XLR x1, RCA x5 , 6.35mm Headphone

Output : PRE OUT (RCA)

Input Sensitivity : 300mV

Maximum Input Level : >2Vrm

Frequency Response : ±0.5dB(20Hz-40kHz)

Noise Ratio : >97dB

Maximum Sampling FrequencyOptical,Coaxial, AES: 192kH

USB Specifications : 768kHz/32bit, DSD512 (Supported Up to 1TB)

Dimensions (H x W x D)115 x 436 x 377mm

Weight : 12.3kg