Specification :

  • HiFi/AVPower Filter Protection 3-in-1
  • Its purified power greatly benefits all electrical devices.
  • Universal input voltage; 1500W ; 10A
  • Music soft and transparent, good sound field
  • Effectively reduce the reflection of current electric shock and loss
  • Using high-quality high-purity copper wire to reduce the transmission loss, increase energy supply rate.
  • Capacitor filter using high-quality, music soft and transparent, good sound field.
  • With replaceable power cord, ready to be upgraded according to their personality.
  • With overcurrent protection devices, practical and safe.


Unique patented non-sense filtering approach, breaking the traditional inductive filter components, not only can eliminate the power of interference and noise and make a minimum, but also make the Hi-Fi, AV sound system’s signal transmission faster Music of the low-frequency transient response and better in AV, Hi-Fi music, tune in to a sense of wide frequency response, sound field level is good, the performance of rich detail, and low coloration; in vision, hearing system, enhance its reading analytical ability, make image better in the sense of three-dimensional level, can reduce the color staining (better color purity), and removal of background noise Ma point (to improve clarity) can come have achieved good results, so that you get the perfect audio-visual effects !

Filter internal materials research:

  • The High copper power cord, shielded metal hood-level anti-jamming Capacitor fever
  • 10A automatic circuit overload protection device.
  • 4 high gold-plated universal socket (product insert)
  • The filter has four output sockets, each socket has a filter anti-jamming capabilities for CD, -DVD, LD, TUNER (coordinator), the former stage amplifier, AUX (auxiliary jack), etc. to use.
  • Output power of 1500W